Dec 1, 2009

Well, hey!

So, alright, I haven't worked on this blog for a long time now, but I think I can stick to a weekly regime from here on in. With my salary being what it is now, I'm going to buy one new song every Sunday. Then I'll write about which song I bought and why it's an awesome song. So I'll be entitling these "Cole's Song of the Week Picks"

Anyways, I'll kick it off with a song I got a few days ago. If you're an Alternative junkie, you'll probably like this song. "Harborcoat" by R.E.M. is the song I've been listening to on infinite loop for the past few hours, with good reason. Like most of their tunes, this song has a driving beat and socially interesting lyrics. This song is about Soviet Russia and probably has more interpretations than I can think about right now. If you get the chance I recommend it. There's a live version on youtube, where you can actually see R.E.M at one of their earlier gigs.

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